Women’s Golf Clubs- Reviewed!

This women’s golf clubs focused site will take a look at some of the top selling sets on the market, find out how much they cost and learn how they rated with consumers. A standard set of clubs for women will consist of a putter, two wedges, seven irons and three woods. The woods are the five wood and three wood and the driver. The set of irons is composed of 3, 4, 5,6,7,8 and nine iron. The irons should match, enabling the user to be able to learn how much distance they can get out of each one. This will also allow the user to develop the consistency of their shot.

Additionally, the basic women’s golf clubs set will have a sand wedge and pitching wedge, along with a putter. Currently, many women find that they prefer to replace a long iron with a hybrid. You can even replace the 3, 4, 5, or 6 iron with the use of a hybrid club. Hybrid clubs are easier to hit with. The lowest hybrid will allow the user to hit the ball ten or fifteen yards shorter than the highest fairway wood.

Generally speaking, women are commonly smaller than men and they also have a slower swing speed. This will affect the specifications of the clubs they choose. If the user’s swing is sixty miles per hour or higher, they can probably handle using a three wood in addition to their five and possibly a seven. Women who have a slow swing speed of under sixty miles per hour should consider utilizing clubs with a titanium clubface.

Women who are experienced golfers might be able to handle a five iron, but for individuals who have a slower swing speed, they should utilize a six or seven iron, as the longest iron. When using a pitching wedge, it should be at least four degrees more than the nine iron.

Women’s Golf Clubs- Comparison Chart

Callaway Strata plus Women’s Complete Golf Set (16 Piece) Review

callaway strata plus womens complete set imageThe Callaway Strata plus women’s complete golf set includes four and five H Hybrids, which are designed with versatility and can add more power to your stroke, the 460 cc driver that offers a big sweet spot and consists of a graphite shaft, a stainless steel fairway wood club which also features a graphite shaft and works to promote quicker swing speeds, a putter, designed to enhance accuracy, with SW and six PW irons, a stand bag and club head covers. This golf club set scored high with consumers and proved to be one of the bestselling sets on the site. Consumers found that these clubs were durable, yet lightweight, and the set was easy to transport and tote around on the green. The golf bag contains a number of storage options, which user’s loved and the clubs themselves helped them to improve their swing speed. There were minimal complaints for this set, which focused around the strap on the bag not being adequately padded and it being somewhat difficult to lug around, however, this didn’t deter many women from purchasing this popular set.

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Callaway Strata Women’s Complete Golf Set with Bag (11 Piece) Review

callaway strata womens complete golf club set picThis top selling golf set is designed with women in mind and it contains eleven pieces, including the golf club head covers and the bag. This set also contains the fairway wood, a 460 cc driver, putter and three irons. In order to make these clubs lighter, they feature a graphite shaft, which will allow for faster swing speeds. The irons are 4 H hybrids, which are easier to use than the traditional long irons and also enables the user to experience faster speeds. The putter provides better accuracy and features a mallet shaped head, while the golf bag can provide an adequate amount of storage space. Some users complained about the description accuracy for this package, stating they had expected to receive more irons, however, the package description clearly details what a buyer can anticipate, so be sure to keep in mind that the golf club head covers and the golf bag count as pieces in this eleven piece set. Rated as one of the top selling golf club sets for women, these clubs can be used by beginners or even seasoned golfers.

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Golf Girl FWS2 PETITE Lady Pink Hybrid Club Set Review

golf girl fws2 petite lady pink hybrid picThe shafts on these golf clubs consist of a lightweight design for women who are looking to increase their accuracy and swing speed. The handles consist of weather grips, which are made to improve traction and swing control. The cavity backed irons will make it easier to control the club and can also help to increase the user’s swing speed. All clubs consist of graphite shafts, making them lightweight, when compared to traditional men’s golf clubs. 6, 7, 8 and 9 irons are also included, as is a pitch wedge and a steel shafted hybrid, instead of the more traditional long iron. Also ranked as one of the top selling golf club sets for women, consumers loved the pop out legs on the golf bag, the numerous pockets and the included rain cover. While designed more for those new to the golf game, these clubs can also be used by intermediate players who are looking for durable lightweight clubs.

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